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Los Angeles to see Best Voting System Demo of All Time this Weekend

This weekend, we're promising the best demo ever of an open source voting system. We will be showing a touchscreen tablet PC, that will dazzle conference goers (Feb 19-21 at LAX Westin *).

People visiting our booth will be able to create an election by filling in an on-screen form. After that, we can create the bootable CD with the operating system, ballot definition, and application software ready to make a complete voting system.

We can then remove the hard drive (not necessary, but helps to illustrate) and boot from the CD to turn the touchscreen tablet into a touchscreen electronic ballot printing voting machine.

We'll show the whole process from specifying what goes on the ballot, to tabulating the vote. All of this done with free and open source software ... inexpensive hardware.

While this is not a certified voting system for the U.S., it is already pretty close to something that could be used right now in many countries. And it could form the basis of a complete system for any county -- including Los Angeles -- once we have the partners needed to finish it and get it certified. Who knows? We may meet some potential partners this week end.

One problem: I have to raise the money so I can pay bills and get everything together for the trip to Los Angeles. If we don't raise the rest of the money we need, I don't see how we can do it. Thanks to all that have contributed, we are only about $1,100 short of what we must have.

As someone who spent all day a week ago at the CA Secretary of State's hearing on the future of voting technology, I am here to tell you the voting system is STILL a complete mess -- the vendor-driven model based on proprietary technology is completely broken. We can't expect them to fix it. We the people have to show the way.

If you care anything at all about the future of democracy,

The PayPal button on our web site http://openvoting.org is probably the quickest and easiest. This is the address for PayPal: donation@openvotingconsortium.org

Thank you again for helping OVC to continue progressing toward the establishment of OPEN VOTING.

Alan Dechert
President, Open Voting Consortium
4941 Forest Creek Way
Granite Bay, CA 95746
* see http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale8x/

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