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Another Open Source Resolution Passed

Open Source Resolution Passed by the California Democratic Party Executive Board.

This is Great News and more evidence that the Open Voting idea is catching on. Thanks especially to Tom Gangale for pushing this forward.

Here is what the resolution says:

Supporting Open Source Software for Electronic Voting Machines

WHEREAS public confidence in the integrity of the election system in the United States is declining; and voting machines and the computers that add vote totals are being run with computer programs or software that can substantially change vote totals in subtle ways that are difficult to detect; and

WHEREAS we the people have the right to know exactly how votes are processed, to have transparent elections, and to have computer scientists analyze open source code for malicious code which could manipulate elections; and

WHEREAS proprietary computer software denies us this right to know, inner workings of the computerized vote counting hardware are secret;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party call upon the California Democratic Party, the California Secretary of State, and all California state legislators to support, pass, and implement legislation requiring that all technology used in processing our votes shall be publicly disclosed; and that such technology shall end secrecy in vote tabulation, produce a paper ballot as the official record of the vote, be scientifically verifiable, be multi-lingual, be handicapped-accessible, and be designed to accommodate non-traditional voting schemata when required by county registrars; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that copies of this resolution should be distributed to the California Democratic State and Federal delegation as well as the State's Democratic State Constitutional Officers.

Drafted by Thomas Gangale Chair, Issues and Legislation Committee, Sonoma County Democratic Party

Adopted by 6th Assembly District Democrats 28 March 2007
Referred to author with comments by CDP Resolutions Committee 18 June 2007
Revision 1 submitted to CDP Resolutions Committee 26 June 2007
Endorsed as amended by CDP 15 July 2007

Thanks to all for supporting Open Voting.

Alan Dechert

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