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Faith-based voting fallacies revealed

"Trust us," they say. "You don't need all the details. We know what we're doing."

As you may know -- reported on CNN last month -- we have a Diebold TS paperless Direct Record Electronic (DRE) voting machine. We learned today that a group at Princeton has the same make and model. They have produced an elegant hack showing how votes could be stolen on such a system.

They developed working demonstrations of attacks that could be introduced and spread without detection. This is devastating news to die-hard supporters of Diebold paperless systems. Watch the video here. It's great!

Read the rest here:

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

Alan Dechert

p.s. We were planning something similar to the Princeton demo. So, they beat us to it. I'm fine with that. Still, we are planning to show how a commodity inkjet printer could be attached to the Diebold TS in order to print out the ballots -- like we demonstrated with PCs 2-3 years ago.

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